The art of teaching is the art of teaching discovery.

Mark Van Doren

Why Us?

Why Us?

We work hard to stand out from the competition. Your children are cared for in a safe, clean environment filled with age appropriate toys and equipment. Our teachers are experienced in the various facets of childcare, so you can rest assured knowing that your child is in a loving, nurturing environment where they can thrive.
Caring for Infants

Caring for Infants

Looking for an enriching, safe and loving environment? You will find all those things and more at Sprouting Star Children’s Academy. We aren’t like day cares or babysitters. We offer weekly lesson plans and developmentally appropriate toys for an exciting and intriguing environment.


The pre-school years are a significant time in your child’s development. Your child will experience appropriate lesson plans and toys that their foster development for children from ages two to three. You child will participate in a program offering investigative opportunities along with exploration and discovery.
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Take A Tour!

We are looking for parents that want an enriched environment for their children. We look forward to meeting you so please feel free to stop by and visit our school.

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What We Do

Home Away From Home

We want you and your child to feel as if we are their home away from home. Nothing is better than being at home with our loved ones, but if your child can’t be there it is comforting to know they are in a safe, healthy, loving environment.

Your Child's Schedule

We also understand the importance of scheduling. Your child will be kept on a schedule, which will help them in multiple ways. Scheduling helps your child to understand our expectations and they will know what to expect next. We know that consistency is comforting to young children.  Our goal is to keep your child happy and healthy in every sense possible.

Why We're Different

We care. Your child is not just another number in a corporation. We work with you to make sure your child’s needs are met. We provide nutritious meals and snacks to encourage them to grow into a healthy lifestyle. Your little one will have opportunities to play with others using a variety of age appropriate toys and games. In addition, the lesson plans will provide ample time for learning and helping your child achieve the important milestones on time.

Summer Programs

Learning is fun here at our academy. We make sure all of the important aspects are covered so your child has a quality learning experience, but we also work to make it fun. We know a child has to stay interested to remain involved, so we design programs and curriculum so he or she won’t lose interest. Your child can learn about history, animals, science, math and more with these specially crafted summer educational opportunities.
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