Infant Day Care | Pflugerville Texas

We aren’t like day cares or babysitters. You will find weekly lesson plans, developmentally appropriate toys and equipment creating an exciting and intriguing environment designed to help your child reach developmental milestones. Here at Sprouting Star Children’s Academy, our teachers believe in utilizing all of our resources so they can help encourage physical, cognitive, language and social emotional skills. We will spark your child’s imagination. Learn More.


At Sprouting Star Children’s Academy, we offer age appropriate lesson plans, toys and equipment that foster development for children from ages two to three. You child will participate in a program offering investigative opportunities along with exploration and discovery. Learn More.

pre-school boy playing with legos
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We believe learning is a multi-faceted process, so we include social, emotional, cognitive, and physical elements in our program so your child can reach all of his or her developmental milestones. We love working with children and we believe in providing personalized care for each child and age group we serve. Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing environment where your child can reach goals and advance to the next level. Learn More.

Elementary and Summer Programs.

At Sprouting Star Children’s Academy, we offer elementary and summer programs for school aged children through 12 years of age. We provide them with a nurturing environment while offering learning experiences. Learn More.

Group Of Elementary Age Children With Teacher