Summer 2020 Enrollment For New Families

Sprouting Star Children’s Academy is very grateful to have reopened after a brief closure for the COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently accepting applications for a safe and healthy Summer 2020. However, we expect concerns to remain throughout most of the summer. SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY AT SPROUTING STAR! We currently follow very strict policies and procedures for disease control, and plan to continue many of these policies throughout the summer term from June 1st through August 12, 2020. You can find a discussion of the coronavirus safety measures we are implementing for our Essential Worker Child Care Program HERE.


While we expect to continue diligence throughout the summer term, we do anticipate a few modifications to control guidance from state and local authorities. These include: (1) a lifting of the essential worker attestation requirement, and (2) a loosening of currently very small class size limitations. We are therefore accepting applications for Summer enrollment.

As significant safety procedures will remain, limiting class sizes, we will only be able to offer a very limited number of spaces. If you are interested, please

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If your child is not already attending Sprouting Star, Please follow the steps below to register. When you sign-up, you will be contacted with more information about our school and be given the opportunity to visit us before you enroll.

Step #1 – Choose Sprouting Star

We generally encourage all of our prospective families to come for an admissions tour of our school. It really is the best way to get to know us. At this time, we are unable to permit in-person tours during operating hours while children are in the building. This is for everyone’s protection.

Front entrance
Welcome to Our School!



On your admission tour, we walk you through the school. We show you the arrival process, the classrooms, and the playground. And we answer your questions about the lesson plans and curriculum. If you wish to meet the teacher at this time, we can schedule a zoom video conference meeting.

At the conclusion of your tour, when you know Sprouting Star is the right place for your child to learn, grow and thrive, you receive an enrollment package with the application and additional information to enroll your child.

Step #2 – Complete the Application

At the end of your tour, you need to complete an admission application. WE NOW HAVE A CONTACT-LESS ADMISSION KIT TO HELP PREVENT THE SPREAD OF COVID-19. Completing the admission application can be done online, or if you prefer, using our traditional Sprouting Star Admission Kit. You receive an electronic or hard copy kit with the following:

Enrollment Package
Admission Kit
  1. Admission Information Form. Complete this form to supply basic information about your child and family. You will provide information such as name, birth dates, health information, etc. It also includes important instructions such as who is allowed to pick up your child.
  2. Parent Handbook and Agreement. When you join Sprouting Star, you agree to follow our school policies in this book. It contains detailed descriptions of the important Sprouting Star policies and procedures including information like drop-off and pick-up procedures, illness policies and much more. Keep this handy for reference the entire time your child(ren) attend Sprouting Star.
  3. Parent Acknowledgement of Additional Safety Procedures for Child Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Agreement to Cooperate to Ensure Safety. This is an addendum to the Parent Handbook required during the special pandemic control period. If the state imposed essential worker only limitations are in effect, you will also receive an essential worker attestation form.
  4. Tuition Schedule and Financial Acknowledgement.
  5. Meal Policy and LunchDirect™ Registration Information. This outlines our meal policy and describes how to register on-line for the catered meal program if you choose to do so.
  6. Discipline and Guidance Policy. This describes what steps are permitted and not permitted when it comes to discipline and guidance of your child. Generally speaking, all discipline and guidance must be intentional and positive.
  7. Smartphone App Enrollment. This form collects necessary information to enable the SmartCare iPhone or Android phone app features. This enables you to check your balance, pay your tuition, and sign your children in and out of the center.
  8. School Family Orientation Checklist. This is a list of new family orientation procedures. Touring the facility and meeting teachers are just a few of these.

Most of the material listed above is self explanatory. If you have any difficulty completing the forms, we are happy to assist. Just call.

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STEP #3 – Include Immunization Records

State licensing regulations require all licensed centers to maintain immunization records and a doctor’s well-check letter for all children not enrolled in grade school. We also require a healthcare statement. This is a letter from your child’s doctor or healthcare professional that lists the following: the name of the doctor or clinic, the doctor’s address and phone number, the name of child, and a statement that the child is healthy to attend the school program.

Do I need to provide immunization records for my child?

Yes – If your child is of the ages 6 weeks to 5 years old and NOT enrolled in another primary school program.

No – If your child is attending K-6 and the school has immunization records on file.

If your child has not yet started Kindergarten, you will need to include copies of his or her immunization records with your application. We also need a “well check” letter from the doctor stating that your child is healthy to attend daycare. Pediatricians usually know what information to provide, so simply request these two things from your child’s doctor, and submit them with the application.

If your child is already in Kindergarten or grade school, and you are applying for before or after school care, or one of our school-age programs, immunization records are not necessary if they are on-file with your child’s primary school.

STEP #4 – Prepare Your Child’s Supplies

Your child will require a few items when he or she begins school. These items include:

  • A nap mat
  • Blanket
  • Two sets of extra clothes (in case there is an accident and get dirty) 
  • Water cup
  • Diapers and wipes (if applicable)

Make sure you have these items ready on your child’s first day. Nap mats go in your child’s home classroom. Their extra clothes, blankets and diapers go in their cubbies labeled with their name. If you need assistance, the director and teachers are ready to help.

Step #5 – Choose Your Child’s Meals

In the admission kit, you receive information regarding the Sprouting Star Meal Policy and providing information about our catered lunch program. If you will be participating in the LunchDirect catered lunch program, it is time to create your online account and choose your child’s meals. Participation is not mandatory, every family is free to pack their own lunch if desired.

lunch direct meal
Cheese sandwich, salad and banana

If you will be participating in our catered lunch program, it is time to create your online account and choose your child’s meals. Participation is not mandatory, every family is free to pack their own lunch if desired.

If you will be participating in our catered lunch program, it is time to create your online account and choose your child’s meals. Participation is not mandatory, every family is free to pack their own lunch if desired.


The LunchDirect Online Menu

You can register for the catered lunch program online. Simply go to:

Here you will enter the school code included in your enrollment package and create an account.

Sprouting Star Registration Code: 159130

Choose Your Meals

Once you register, choose the meals using the convenient online menu. From this menu, you may choose the days you wish to order, and one of four different meal options each day, from family style, standard box lunch, vegetarian, and even fully organic meals.

Important Meal Ordering Deadlines

You need to choose your child’s meals by the Thursday end of day before the week your child starts school. If you miss this deadline, there is a late deadline of Saturday preceding the week your child starts, however LunchDirect does charge a late order surcharge for orders received on Friday or Saturday.

STEP #6 – The Big Day!

shutterstock_1074799670.jpgYour child is now ready for his or her first day of school! This is an important day in your child’s young life. He or she may be excited, or nervous, or both! Every child approaches their first day differently. Have patience. Once here, every child develops new abilities, skills, and relationships.

Have questions? We are here to help!

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