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Use the link above to sign-up for Sprouting Star Summer 2020. An exciting unparalleled program for an unprecedented time. We support Workforce Child Care Services (CCS) and Austin Community College Child Care Assistance programs. We are also listed on the Texas Frontline Childcare website. We are accredited through Texas Rising Star and hold 4 stars, the maximum in the program.

Summer 2020 begins on June 1st! There is also a limited number of early start enrollment spots for classes beginning on May 26th. When you sign-up, you will have the option to select your preference.

A Safer Choice For Funtm

The Sprouting Star Summer 2020 program is designed for safety in these unprecedented times. Safety is Priority One.

Sprouting Star Children’s Academy

Welcome to Sprouting Star Summer 2020! The corona virus pandemic brought many changes in March. Safety became the top priority for everyone. Schools closed. Activities cancelled. Many children schooled at home while parents anxiously waited for news when it would be safe to return to normal. Those hopes eventually evolved into expectations for the new normal. Sprouting Star Children’s Academy has always held safety of the children as the top priority. Like many others, we responded to the crisis. We temporarily closed while the staff worked on creating that new normal. A normal that would be safe and fun for the children when they returned. We considered the guidance from local, state, and federal authorities, and added a few ideas of our own. On April 27, 2020, we reopened to serve the essential worker families that depend on us to care for and educate their children in the safest possible manner we can achieve. We believe pandemic concerns are going to continue into the summer. Therefore, Sprouting Star Summer 2020 programming continues modified COVID-19 safety policies and procedures developed during the most intense period in March and April through the summer while offering a program that is developmentally stimulating and fun for the children.

Safe Must Be Fun

Childhood is a special time of wonder. Children need to explore the world and develop their natural curiosity and ability. At Sprouting Star, we believe safe must be fun. Our summer program achieves this combination.

Program Details

We have prepared a first class experience for your child here at Sprouting Star. The combination of program features stands out from other programs and is intensionally designed for the unique challenges of Summer 2020. We challenge anyone to find a better combination of program features that serves the whole child. These include:

Naturally Inspired Child Habitat Exploration Project
  • A Safer Choice for Funtm – This program component intentionally continues through the entire summer term many of the safety policies and protocols established during the peak of the pandemic emergency. This includes entrance screening, twice daily deep cleanings, interim day wipe downs, intra-classroom social distancing, 2 teacher teams assigned exclusively to a single classroom, contactless registration, and more. Our program has exciting curriculum, fun activities, and some special programs hosted on-site, however for the safety of the children and their families, NO OFF-SITE FIELD TRIPS this year. These are replaced with weekly on-site Splash Days and Outdoor Movies!
  • Naturally Inspired Childtm Curriculum Naturally Inspired Child seeks to inspire learning through nature. Children are naturally drawn to nature and the world around them. It is the goal of our programs to expound on this innate curiosity to make learning fun and meaningful. Each week, for PreK and School Age children, there will be an exciting Naturally Inspired Child special project. For example, one week we will plan a deep sea exploration. Another week we will dissect owl spit! and try to identify the various bones, teeth, and insect shells contained in it. During our insect week, we will build and paint a real beehive!
  • Pflugerville ISD Curriculum Review – We want our school age children to have an edge when they resume school in August. We have received the take-home assignments from PISD and will spend time each day to review this material with the K-5th graders. This reinforces the work your child started at home, and completes missed assignment so your child is ready when school starts on August 13th!
  • Daily Integrated Sports and PE – We will use a portion of each day to develop the physical development of the children. Summer activities for children 3 and up will use concepts in Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, and Volleyball to get kids moving and develop their physical and social skills.
  • Fully Licensed and 4-Star Accredited Child Learning Center – We are fully licensed through the state of Texas HHS, and 4-star accredited with Texas Rising Star, the maximum level of quality. Our classrooms, lesson plans, and programming meet high standards and consider the physical, social-emotional, cognitive, and language development needs of your child.

How to Sign-up?

Just click here to go to our contact-less sign-up page.

Let us walk you through the process. We look forward to your admission to our school and our learning family. Or, you may call us at (512) 777-3477 and we can take your information by phone. You can also reach us by email at grow@sproutingstar.org

All plans subject to change with fluid conditions of the current pandemic crisis.

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