Children are likely to live up to what we believe of them. – L.B. Johnson

The art of teaching is the art of teaching discovery. – Mark Van Doren

Why Us?

We work hard to stand out from the competition. your children are cared for in a safe, clean environment filled with age appropriate toys and equipment. Our teachers are experienced in the various facets of childcare, so you can rest assured knowing that your child is in a loving, nurturing environment where they can thrive.

Caring for Infants

Looking fo an enriching, safe and loving environment? You will find all those things and more at Sprouting Star Children’s Academy. We aren’t like day cares or babysitters. We offer weekly lesson plans and developmentally appropriate toys for an exciting and intriguing environment.


The preschool years are a significant time in your child’s development. Your child will experience appropriate lesson plans and toys that foster development for children from ages two to three. Your chid will participate in a program offering investigative opportunities along with exploration and discovery.