At Sprouting Star, we strive to extend access to quality education to every family.

We provide three different options to best suit your family’s needs.

  • All Day Preschool: 8:30a -3:30 p
  • Morning Preschool: 8:30a -11a
  • Afternoon Preschool: 1:30p -3:30p
7 Hour Day vs. 12 Hour Day: Engagement and Emotional Regulation

The University of Minnesota defines a “full day” of school as 7 hours. Numerous studies show that, although the assumption is often that more hours at school equals more learning; attention span, information absorption, and emotional regulation drop significantly after 7 hours. At Sprouting Star, we recognize the strains of student burnout, so we abide by a scientifically proven, successful “full day”.

7 Hour Day: Consistency

In addition to preventing student frustration, another priority at Sprouting Star is consistency. In keeping our program at 7 hours, we ensure that our students have the same teacher throughout the entire day. This leads to clear sets of limits and boundaries and well-established routines. Additionally, a child that feels secure in their environment has the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with the adults and children in their school.

7 Hour Day: Advanced Language and Problem Solving

Besides a feeling of safety, children that feel comfortable with the people around them are more likely to participate in learning opportunities, such as advanced cooperative play, and engage in frequent conversations, which leads to advanced language skills. And, because of their advanced language skills, these children are more likely to work through conflicts in a more efficient way, due to their confidence in language and comfort in social settings. 

Half Day Benefits

Our half day program certainly has benefits, too. Just a few hours a day with peers help jumpstart skills such as: social awareness, self-regulation, relationship skills, responsible decision-making, and self-awareness.


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