The Sprouting Star Difference

Child-Centered Education:

At Sprouting Star, we start with the child. All children are unique and learn in different ways. Every child has an innate desire to learn, and it is our privilege to help discover and cater to their learning needs. When our teachers introduce a concept, they provide several ways to accomplish the task, always seeking methods that suit each child’s individual learning style.

We nourish your child’s natural curiosity by encouraging independent exploration and discovery. When our students begin to investigate concepts on their own, our teachers act as collaborators, asking questions and initiating conversations to inspire a deeper understanding.

“Play is the highest form of research.”

Albert einstein

Art, Nature, and Dual Language

Our staff take pride in providing these unique educational experiences. Our diverse skill sets ensure a loving, nurturing environment where your student can thrive. 

Dual Language

In addition the obvious advantages of knowing two languages, research shows that bilingualism contributes to superior cognitive abilities beyond the scope of language processing, which includes improved social an emotional skills. Through advanced social awareness and relationship skills, we can understand those around us in an entirely new way.

At Sprouting Star, we not only appreciate the academic significance of bilingualism, but honor the culture of our community by providing instruction in both English and Spanish.

Art and Nature

Art and nature play a crucial role in our program. With a staff featuring the combined professional experience ranging from gardening to ballet to farming, we certainly know the value of extracurriculars in education.

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